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Stewardship Campaign Underway!

PROGRESS: We are two weeks into our Stewardship Campaign and have received 55 pledges, with a total pledge amount of $171,769, along with commitments for sharing skill and energy at First Unitarian.

LEARN MORE: Our stewardship theme this year is “Growing Together.” If you would like to learn more about growing together at First Unitarian, and/or would like to ask questions about the budget or the church, please sign up for Tea with the Minister on Thursday, February 13 at 10:00 a.m. (Parish Hall).

PARTICIPATE: If you haven’t submitted your commitment form,
please do so anytime up through Sunday, February 16. Commitment forms are available in Parish Hall after each worship service through 2/16. We have made some big changes to how we understand our commitments, so please take a look and consider thoughtfully how you intend to participate in our First Unitarian mission and vision. Commitments may be made using the paper form or online using this link.

FINALE: Sunday morning, February 16, is the last day to submit your pledge forms (after the morning worship service, online, or by mail). From there we will use your total pledge dollars to determine what programs, staff hours, and services we can provide in the coming year. This article, along with gentle nudges during Sunday service announcements and in Enews, will be your final reminders to commit for the 2020/21 year so please be sure to make a note now to get your pledge form in on or by February 16.

Thank you for being part of First Unitarian Church and our work toward growing together!