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In this mid-winter season, we are pleased to offer you some friendly reminders to keep one another healthy. Please be sure to make use of hand sanitizers (located in Parish Hall and in the office) and wash your hands regularly. During our Passing of the Peace ritual, if you have cold symptoms, have been around others who have been contagious, or are immune compromised, feel free to use other means of communicating besides touch (try a verbal greeting, wave, touching elbows, etc.). Please also be respectful of anyone who declines a hug or handshake. Finally, if you have a contagious illness or infection, please stay home. Our Children and Youth Religious Exploration policy addresses specific instances when children and youth should not attend church programs, as when any of the following apply:
1. a fever in the past 24 hours;
2. diarrhea or vomiting in the previous 24 hours;
3. an unknown rash;
4. pink eye until your family doctor says they may participate in group activities;
5. scabies, head lice or other infestation until your family doctor says they may participate in group activities;
6. any communicable disease such as chicken pox, impetigo, measles, strep throat, etc.
7. If a child is placed on antibiotics, the child should not attend church events until receiving treatment for 24 hours.
Please note that parents are asked to notify the Director of Religious Exploration if their child has been exposed to a communicable disease, as other children at church may have been exposed. If the DRE is notified that children at First Unitarian were exposed to a communicable disease an email will go out to the children/groups who have been exposed. Thanks for helping us keep our congregation safe and healthy.