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Stewardship Update

PROGRESS: Thank you to everyone who has pledged so far. We received 173 pledges, with a total pledge amount of $435,674, along with commitments for sharing skill and energy at First Unitarian. We are confident we will meet our financial goal of $499,000 if current members who have not yet submitted their pledge forms do so soon. We are waiting to hear from 70 households; please let us know your plans as soon as you can.

PARTICIPATE: If you haven’t submitted your commitment form, please do so now. Commitment forms are available at the church office or online (print/mail the paper form or submit online using this link)

WHAT IS NEXT? In order to maintain our current level of staffing, services, and programs, your First Unitarian Church staff will send letters to members who have not yet pledged for the coming year. If (after sending letters) we still have not heard from every member, Rev. Pam will work on assembling a team of volunteers to reach out to each remaining household. If you are interested in serving on this team of volunteers, please contact Rev. Pam (

Thank you for being part of First Unitarian Church and our work toward growing together!