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“A Bright Future” First U Goods & Services Auction – Get your Donation in by March 8th

Have you made your donation for the April 4th Bright Future Auction yet? The deadline for donation submissions is March 8, in order to get everything ready for the auction booklet. If you have a last minute donation, you can access the donation form online here or pick one up in the church office. Any questions? Email us at Remember, all tangible items must be new (unlike Togs and Treasures).

Your auction team members will be available in the Parish Hall on March 8th, equipped with wonderfully playful bobble headbands and donation forms to help you decide how to best share your own special gifts and treasures. You won’t be able to miss us!

We received more outstanding donations during the past week. Here are some of them to help give you some ideas:
Eco-Friendly T-shirt shopping bag with earth friendly products
2 baskets of classical music
1-hour chess lesson with the state champion
104″ x 88″ handmade quilt
4 lessons to learn how to crochet
A selection of four hardback books to please a 4-8 year old, chosen from the New York Times Book Review Best Children’s Books of 2019 and/or the NYTimes/New York Public Library
Sunday brunch for 10-12 in Diann Moore’s home on May 31
1 week stay in Sydney Jimenez’ Menorca apartment in the Balearic Islands
1-day family pass to Hagley
Lunch and a Walking Tour of Historic New Castle for 12 on May 3
Advance ticket sales will begin on Sunday, March 15, in the Parish Hall after worship services. At that time, we will have a list of all donations for you to check out. Ticket sales will continue on March 22 and March 29. More on ticket sales in next week’s news.

We also invite you to skip the winter doldrums and join us in the planning and preparation for this event. We have room for you on our team with many ways to contribute. Email us to let us know how you want to be included –! The more the merrier!

A Bright Future Auction Team – Linda Sanders, Chair