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A Counselors Reflections About ILYA

ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) recently received a note from one of the Independent Living Coordinators hired by the State of Delaware to provide Independent Living Services to young people aging out of foster care. It’s these coordinators that refer the young people to ILYA for our program’s support.
Sue wrote, “Pam [her co-worker] and I just wanted to say thank you to all of the ILYA volunteers. I was so excited by the energy in the room [during the last meeting] and how much ILYA has grown in the past fifteen years. I remember the day when Pam, Sheila and I approached the congregation at Barbara Crowell’s request to talk about this population’s needs. At the time we asked the congregation to sponsor two youth who aged out of foster care. The response from the group we met with was “We can do more.” No words can express how much more and what it has meant to us and former foster youth! Thank you all so much and a special thanks to Betty [Wier] who’s our “Day 1″ volunteer!”
ILYA now has 8 very active projects that serve between 50-60 youth in different ways all through your generosity and support. Check out our webpage on the church website or our Facebook page for more information. THANK YOU, First U for all your support.