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Health Update

Please visit the CDC website for more information about how to stay germ-free. Please click here for access to the CDC site. Be sure to practice vigilance regarding hand washing, not touching your face, staying home when sick, calling your primary care provider if you develop flu or cold-like symptoms, and staying home if you have been exposed to the virus. You are also encouraged to stock up on food, medical supplies, and other household necessities should a quarantine go into place for you and/or the larger community.

During this maintaining health phase, we have special procedures in place here at First Unitarian:
1. Custodians are stepping up cleaning protocols, with an emphasis on door knobs, hand/safety rails, and other high-touch areas around the building.

2. Staff have increased the presence of hand sanitizer in high-use areas.

3. The Pastoral Care Team met to review protocol and safety while providing continued care to our congregation.

4. This past Sunday we encouraged people to greet one another in ways that do not involve physical touch. A smile, wave, or bow are great alternatives.

5. Starting this Sunday, March 15, we are launching our streaming worship service option. If your immune system is especially vulnerable, we encourage you to stay away from crowds.

If a widespread outbreak occurs in our area, we will follow state and federal recommendations about shutting down programs here. During this time, employees will telecommute, we will try to provide services and programs electronically as much as possible, and we will conduct board and committee work by Zoom or other electronic methods.

We will communicate this transition through our website, Facebook page and E-news, following the same procedures we use for closing church during severe weather. If you are a community member in need of support during this time, please contact Pastoral Care Associates and describe how you think they can be of support to you. It is our hope to support our members as much as we can through this time.