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From UUA President, Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray

I am so grateful for your ministry. Each day brings more difficult news of the impacts of coronavirus on our communities, our health systems, our economy, and our congregations. I am heartbroken to share with you that a few Unitarian Universalists have died from COVID-19 and a number of congregations are experiencing multiple cases of the virus among their members. We at the UUA also have staff members in quarantine. Together, we are all learning how to best support and care for one another.

This pandemic is a powerful reminder of our fundamental interdependence – that we are all connected and mutually dependent on each other for our well-being. As Unitarian Universalists, we know this truth – but in response to this pandemic, it is ever more important that we live the practices of interdependence and community care. We are bound to one another – locally and globally – and each person’s health and wholeness rests in keeping the web of community strong.

Alongside all of you, we at the UUA recognize the need to focus on relationship, connection, and support. As aspects of grief grow in this pandemic, remember you are not alone but held in love by your fellow Unitarian Universalists and by your larger Association.
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