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April Green Challenge – Make Your Voice Heard for Climate Change

The Environmental Justice Task Force has been busy challenging you to remember the importance of climate change during this time of social distancing. First we asked you to send a message to Trump and the EPA that rollbacks on environmental protections is unacceptable.
We then asked you to sign up for the Earth Day Challenge, a 22-day
series that inspired you to change your daily habits to make the world a better place. Finally we asked you to tell our federal government to protect our public waters on the Texas Gulf Coast from 168 miles of pipelines that would endanger fragile wetlands and threaten wildlife
and communities in the surrounding area.

Now it’s time to celebrate Earth Day! Families, here are some great resources with kids activities from WWF.
Or get your daily dose of nature here at a free webinar from Nature Habitat Adventures.
Get outside to complete the Church Scavenger Hunt as well! Thanks for all you are doing for Mother Earth.