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Covid19 Projects Keep us Busy!

Although we are sad to have our building closed, the quiet weekdays have allowed our building staff to complete many projects both in and out of the building. Ernie Congo, our Building Coordinator, has trimmed bushes, repaired floors and toilets, replaced ceiling tiles and door stops, installed a baby changing table in the Sanctuary bathroom, as well as other small projects in our facility. One of our evening custodians, Cecil Williams, was able to strip and wax the upstairs hallway floors and shampoo the carpets in all upstairs classrooms. Lenell Laws and Momo Konate, our other part time custodians, have stepped up cleaning efforts since they are not spending time doing table and chair set ups and breakdowns. We are pleased with how the building looks, thanks to our crew! The building looks great, inside and out! Here are some photos so you can see their efforts: