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Endowment Donation Options

As we adapt to a challenges brought to us by the COVID19 pandemic, one thing we know for sure: our financial needs will continue. You can help First Unitarian in the future with contributions to future generations through a gift to one of our endowments. At the budget information meeting on April 26, 2020, our Treasurer, Steve Cohen, mentioned two ways we can help future generations survive the challenges of the future.
Heritage Fund
More than 150 years ago, a group of like-minded people founded the First Unitarian Society of Wilmington. All these years later, we “reap what we did not sow” – our beloved community that nourishes minds and spirits, fights injustice and transforms the world through loving action. Our endowments continue the tradition of sowing seeds for the future. Income from the Heritage Fund endowment currently provides about $30,000 per year to our operating budget. We rely on that income to support our mission every year. Here is information on how you can support the Heritage Fund:
Add a codicil to your will – designating money to the church when you will no longer need the resources.
Name the church as a beneficiary to an insurance policy.
Contribute appreciated stock – you get the tax deduction and don’t have to pay capital gains taxes.
You can learn more on our web site, here. Let us know what your plans are by filling in the form, here. Thank you!
Building Fund Endowment
In May 2018, the congregation approved the creation of a Building Fund Endowment, with the purpose of supporting future building projects. Although we have recently completed many improvements to our facility, we know that we will need to do some structural projects, including new roofs and HVAC systems, in the future. The purpose of the Building Fund Endowment is to provide income to help cover the costs of those major maintenance projects. A gift to this fund will also serve future generations. You can make your plan using the same options described above, just designate for our Building Fund Endowment. Let us know your plans, here.
Thank you for your support of First Unitarian Church!