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UUSC – 80 Years of Service

This year is UUSC’s 80th Birthday, which means that it has been working on our behalf for 80 years around the world, advancing human rights through grassroots collaborations. UUSC is the main outreach organization that we UUs have, which promotes our values and principles in all areas of social justice.
So, in this time of the COVID virus impacting every country and every group of people, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS UUSC DOING? It is very alive and well and doing its work in it’s 80th year. All of its staff and partners are very committed to making a difference, wherever they are located.
The best way to learn about the specific work is to go to their website here, and under the heading of “Initiatives” you can read about one or all of the many projects underway. In coming weeks, we will highlight some of the projects as a way to honor and learn about what in the world they are doing.
Of course, they depend on our support-one-time gifts, regular donations, and unusual contributions (they love the knitted hats and scarves for refugees from our knitting group). Please give what you can and as often as you can, because it makes a difference for social justice. For more information, email Doyle Dobbins,