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ILYA Graduation Pandemic Style

What do you do when it’s graduation during the COVID 19 pandemic? CELEBRATE! Yes, ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) is still going to have a celebration for the 28 young people graduating from high school this year who are aging out of foster care. It will be different and maybe even more meaningful given the lack of ceremonies and acknowledgement possible from the schools.
We’re working to see how we can bring the youth together virtually as we know that connections are made among them that provide ongoing support as they go on to post-secondary education or jobs. Again, this could be even more critical than in years past as resources that would normally be available to them are curtailed with our current restrictions.
So, we’re asking First U to again be the great supporters you have been in the past. These young people have worked hard against challenges of instability in so many ways (significant family turmoil, multiple changes of residence and schools, sometimes significant abuse and neglect) and still have achieved graduation. They so deserve our kudos and a celebration!
Please mail your generous donation to the church with “ILYA Graduation” on the memo line of your check. Or donate online through the church website at or using the Give Plus+ app on your smart phone (find the First U option and then use the “Donate to ILYA” option). Thank you for your support!