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Environmental June Challenge- Avoid Buying Factory Farm Animal Products

Every month, the Environmental Justice Task Force (EJTF) challenges you to make a change that will directly help the environment. This month, we are asking you to consider how your consumption of meat, dairy, and eggs is contributing to future pandemics and other environmental catastrophes. Factory farming causes water and air pollution, and massive deforestation. It also breeds deadly diseases like avian flu or swine flu, which will likely be the cause of our next pandemic! These “farms” produce more than 1 million tons of manure daily, which can leak into local water sources (which is happening here in Delaware). The livestock also release methane gas during digestion, which serves as concentrated sources of methane gas emissions. Rain forests are cleared for livestock to be grazed and raised. What can you do? The best action would be not to eat animal products, but if you are not there yet, we recommend you try looking for grass fed beef or free range chickens. Or try having more meatless meals on a regular basis. There are so many meatless options now too (just google vegan recipes).