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Help In These Hard Times

These are definitely hard times for many people. ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) knows that even people who aren’t themselves having a hard time are contributing to help those who are. So funds can be short. While graduation isn’t an emergency situation, it’s still a huge event for youth who have been in foster care. Overcoming significant instability and sometimes serious neglect and abuse to graduate is a major accomplishment. They deserve to have meaningful recognition and celebration of that success. We’re hoping to get them together using technology even though we can’t have the traditional pizza party. And we can still give them a graduation gift… probably the only one they’ll receive.
Over the years, we have given each graduate a backpack filled with items they can take to a dorm room or apartment to help get them started because now they are on their own. With 25 graduates, that costs a fair bit. Some folks have sent donations in to the church but we are way short of where we need to be in order to cover the cost for this number of students. If you can help out, we’d very much appreciate your support. Please send your donation to the church with “ILYA” on the memo line or make a donation using your credit card on the church website or the GivePlus+ app on your smart phone. You will be helping to put a smile in a young person’s heart by knowing someone cares. Thank you.