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Library Project Update

September 10 update:

Walls are painted and rugs scrubbed. The music room and office received some attention in recent weeks, as we continue to work on setting up our new combined music and library space.








July 31 update:

We are almost done with unpacking the library books upstairs. Thank  you to Renee Anderson for coming in during the past two weeks to continue unpacking books. Ernie Congo, our building coordinator, has been a big help as well, moving boxes and tables, as well as providing many of the photos on our web site!

Staff and volunteers have been working hard for the library relocation project. Special THANK YOU to Erik Goodlet, Judy Windle, Richard and Joan Carter, Cinda Crane, Lauren Nolan, Jim Weddell, and Richard Speck for continuing the work needed to set up the library in a new location on the second floor. An EXTRA THANK YOU to our custodians, Lenell Laws, Cecil Williams and Momo Konate, who carried countless boxes to the second floor once they were packed with books and other library materials. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, we expect to be setting up in the new library space in  July.  This is a huge job, and we have a second phase crew of volunteers ready to work once the shelves are installed upstairs. Because we can only have a limited number of people working in a room at one time, volunteers are being scheduled and asked to wear masks and practice social distancing. If you have already volunteered to help, but do not have an assignment yet, don’t worry! We will be in touch as the project progresses. Here are some pictures of our progress!