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Murray Grove Retreat and Renewal Center

On July 12, our Special Offering will benefit Murray Grove Retreat and Renewal Center. Murray Grove supports the birthplace of Universalism in America. Throughout 2020, UU congregations across the country will be celebrating the 250th anniversary of John Murray meeting Thomas Potter on the sacred site that is now the Murray Grove Retreat and Renewal Center.

Murray Grove Retreat and Renewal Center, located in Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey, is a purposefully simple retreat facility for spiritual gatherings, congregational retreats, youth groups, family/school reunions, women and men’s groups, conferences, personal, and spiritual retreats. More importantly, Murray Grove is a living memorial to the lives and the Universalist faith of John Murray and Thomas Potter. It is the sacred site of the origins of the radical religious tradition of Universalism, based on love and profound acceptance of differences, that transformed the landscape of religion in America. This spirit of love calls Murray Grove to continue as a catalyst for transformation and a beacon of hope. Thomas Potter saw a dawning wisdom of Universalism on the horizon in 1770 and lived to see his vision realized. Murray Grove continues to promote the Universalist values of hope, courage, love and inclusion, traits as much needed in the 21st century as they were in the 18th century.

During the pandemic, Murray Grove has continued to be of service to the UU community and beyond. It offers a variety of workshops, meditations, book parties, and arts programs live and on demand. Check out these programs at In the spring, Murray Grove was able to provide 60 + youth from six states its annual Coming of Age weekend programming virtually. Once a week, Murray Grove’s kitchen provides free meals for drive by pick up for the surrounding communities. The amazing new Executive Director, Diem Jones, who began in early March 2020, and the dedicated staff make all these programs possible.

During the challenging times of this pandemic, Murray Grove is going full speed ahead in fulfilling its mission. Murray Grove continues to be there for those who seek to give the world hope, courage, love and inclusion to build beloved communities. Support of Murray Grove through the special collection can help sustain this special space, real and virtual, for all who seek to renew their spirits, transform the world, and preserve our Universalist history.