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Simple No-Sew Mask Pattern

Simple instructions for making your own face covering, from Becky Sandler ( who offered this method for free for anyone with the message, she signed “hoping to help.” The directions are fairly simple. You do need, in addition to old t-shirt, good scissors, a paper or cardboard pattern (she describes how), a ruler or measuring stick, and a steady hand for cutting. Watch the video to learn more.
Becky says: “My mask design is made with a cotton tee shirt and scissors. Requires no sewing, no tape or elastic or rubber bands. Each shirt could make up to 4 double-layered masks or 8 single-layered masks and can be done in two sizes (adult or child). This mask is also machine washable and kind to the environment.” Click this link to her video for the specific instructions.
Submitted by our Pastoral Care Team