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UU the VOTE: Postcard Campaign

We live in a scary time on many levels and the attack on our democracy is so critical that we MUST act. The 2020 election is momentous!

UUDAN delivered a total of 3000 postcards to members and friends across the 5 Delaware congregations! This postcard campaign, organized by Reclaim Our Vote (ROV) in partnership with the UUA, was based in Florida. Our handwritten postcards encourage people of color to vote in Florida’s August primary.

Thanks to the eleven First U volunteers who will send 1150 postcards to registered voters in Florida. Each volunteer received their own batch of 50 – 200 postcards to hand write and post by early August. GREAT WORK FIRST U!

UUDAN wants to continue this initiative through August and into the fall and YOU CAN JOIN the next Delaware UU Postcard Campaign! Please complete this form so we know how many postcards to order from ROV this time.

Information provided by the Human Rights Task Force and Unitarian Universalist Delaware Advocacy Network (UUDAN). If you have any questions or comments, please contact Becky Laster at