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What if this is What you Heard?

What if you just aged out of foster care and were a first year student pursuing your higher education and this is what you heard in your head… I’m not sure I can do this. Does anyone really care that I’m scared or struggling? I’m not sure I can keep pushing I’m not confident I can achieve my goals.
That’s what goes through the heads of many of the youth who age out of foster care, trying to make a better future for themselves with little support and many challenges. They worry about where they’re going to live, how they’re going to pay for basic necessities all while trying to study material that can also seem very challenging. Knowing someone cares and is pulling for them can ease those fears and provide the boost that allows them to keep on pushing toward their goals.
Could you be that person to a student? Could you send a small package just 4 times during the academic year to help a youth better their life? It doesn’t have to cost much… homemade cookies or just a modest gift card can send a strong message of caring. PLEASE, contact Deb Griffin at to let her know you care about these youth and are willing to help ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) support them. THANK YOU for caring!