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Environmental September Challenge: Cut Down on Air Pollution

Every month, the Environmental Justice Task Force (EJTF) challenges you to make a change that will directly help the environment. This month, we are asking you to cut down on the air pollution you create. Air pollution is unfair. Affluent whites produce more than their share, and disadvantaged people, including people of color, suffer the consequences. More air pollution causes asthma, heart disease, and even risk of death from COVID. How can we reduce our air pollution footprint? Burn less stuff. Using a fuel efficient car, less driving, less lawn mowing, and a plant based diet all reduce the amount of pollution that you put into the air, and the amount of suffering you produce. Trade out your fuel burning furnaces and heaters for ones that use friendlier sources of energy like electricity from your solar panels or from your wind powered electrical bill. Need more ideas? Click here. Air pollution is racially unjust. Let’s work together on lowering our contribution to air pollution moving forward.