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School Days, School Days… Not So Golden Rule Days

In this time of uncertainty, divisiveness and turmoil, we see people reaching out and bridging differences, helping one another and trying to bring peace and joy into everyday experiences. Right now, you have an opportunity to bridge some gaps, help and bring peace and joy into a young person’s life.
Through ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) you can uplift a student who has recently aged out of foster care and now has no one to support them. As they start a new academic or technical education program, it can be very scary and confusing. How can they know the “lay of the land” when none of us do in this time of pandemic and social distancing?
Imagine being the person who brings some positivity and caring to that young person and some encouragement when studies get tough. You can be that person by volunteering to send just 4 small “care packages” to a student during the academic year. Please contact Deb Griffin at and she’ll give you all the information you need to make a huge difference in a former foster child’s life. Thank you for your support!