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Accepting Art & Photography for next Art Gallery!

We have moved our First U Art Gallery online while the First U church building is closed. Thank you to all of our participants for your amazing entries. The September Gallery, “What Does it Mean to be a People of Renewal?” is now available in two forms. Click here for information on how to access our gallery.

We are preparing to refresh the gallery by November 1, focusing on the themes of:

September: Renewal
The practice of remembering what we love.
The practice of allowing ourselves to be fed.
The practice of falling back in love with life.
October: Deep Listening
The practice of allowing others’ stories to help us embrace our own.
The practice of living from the inside out.
The practice of hearing the lure of our better selves.
November: Healing
The practice of turning our pain into connection.
The practice of letting go of the life you wished for.
The practice of forgiving yourself for being imperfect.
The practice of moving beyond apology to repair.
December: Stillness
The practice of turning off voices that aren’t ours.
The practice of making space for deeper truth to speak.
The practice of finding peace.
The practice of living in the breath of the Divine.

Send your poetry or a photo of your physical piece to by October 23 along with a brief statement about your inspiration as it relates to one of these four themes.

Nancy Pinson and David Weiss, First Unitarian Church Art Gallery