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Religious Exploration for All Ages at Home

Check out REsources for Home here.
Take some time and read the quote by Kai Cheng Thom from the book from the stars in the sky to the fish in the sea.

“Whatever you dream of, I believe you can be; From the stars in the sky to the fish in the sea; You can crawl like a crab or with feathers fly high, and I’ll always be here, I’ll be near standing by…”
Create a picture of yourself. Make it a picture showing the REAL you, the you that only you see or know. Maybe the real you has tiger stripes and wings or scales like a fish. Maybe the real you wears a crown and carries a sword. Maybe the real you has purple hair or wears a witch’s hat. Maybe the real you always wears cleats and carries a lacrosse stick.
Create your picture of you anyway you like. Make an avatar. Take a photo and send it as is or add things to it. Draw or paint or make a collage!
Send the picture to or text it to Catherine Williamson at (302)383-0762 by September 28.

We will use the pictures during worship on October 4.