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The AV Team Needs Sunday Morning Online Helpers

The AV Team has 3 Sunday morning roles that could use some more volunteers. Do any of these sound like something you’d like to do? If so, please send an email to Linda Sanders at We would love to have you join our fun-loving team. And no long-term commitment required!
Chat Greeter – The Chat Greeter serves as the greeter for Sunday morning, and welcomes members and friends as they sign in to the Chat on YouTube. They serve as the “face” of First U for that Sunday morning, and keep our online services friendly, personable, and focused. The Greeter logs in by 10:15 a.m. to greet Chat attendees, and stays through until the end of the service, answering any Chat questions that may arise.
Chat Recorder – The Chat Recorder serves to capture the Chat comments throughout a Sunday morning service. We capture this information and save it to our Google Drive, in order to keep the Worship Team informed of how their service was received. The Recorder captures the Chat stream about every 15 minutes during the service, to ensure the entire thread is saved to our files.
AV Team Email Monitor – The AV Team Email Monitor role serves to help members, friends and guests connect to the Sunday morning service. Typically requests come in to the AV Team email for links to that morning’s service, and sometimes issues with YouTube sound or connectivity issues. The AV Team Email Monitor monitors the AV Team email the evening before the service and up through the Sunday morning service for that weekend, and sends out the link to the service for that Sunday to those requesting it.
Do any of these duties sound like something you’d like to do occasionally? Monthly? Bi-monthly?

If so, please email Linda Sanders at, or contact any of the AV team members: Linda Sanders, Jon Claney, Cindy Cohen, Cinda Crane, Edris Harrell, Ray Iannuzzelli, Paul Pinson, Jim Weddell, Richard Carter, Richard Speck or Phil Krape. Thanks!