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As we go forward in this uncertain time which most likely will keep us physically apart for some time to come, the Board has decided to reach into our past and bring back a process that helped us communicate to the whole church on a regular basis. We will be putting an article in ENews each month. The articles will be about items the Board is working on, topics everyone should know about and/or educational things that we’ve been asked about.
So let’s get started with a resounding THANK YOU from Rev. Pam and the Board for your continued financial support of First U and the UUA. Please read the email note below sent to First U from Rev Megan Foley, Regional Lead – Central East Region, UUA naming First U as an Honor congregation.

Dear Pamela and Leslie,
Your congregation is on my list of those who contributed the full amount requested to our Annual Program Fund, meaning that you’re a UUA Honor congregation for FY2020. I just wanted to reach out and say a special thanks. We appreciate your gift every single year, of course, but this year it means something extra special.

With everything that has happened, you could have panicked and started burying all your money in a hole in the ground. You could have been so discombobulated that you couldn’t find your check book; you could have moved to Canada. You could simply have decided that things were so uncertain that you’d prioritize your individual community over the larger association of congregations. But you didn’t. And your gift is allowing the UUA to abundantly serve you and your fellow congregations as we all navigate this ridiculous year.

We can’t do it without you. We can’t do it without each other. We already know that, of course, but this year is teaching this known lesson at a deeper level: What we do matters, we need each other to survive, and we will rise up from this.

With hopes for some peace and much health as we approach the end of this painful year, and deep gratitude,

Rev. Megan Foley :: she/her/hers
Regional Lead – Central East Region
Unitarian Universalist Association