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This Sunday is the kick-off date for this year’s Guest-At-Your-Table Program. This is the time, each year, during which we learn more about, and contribute to, our UU human-rights organization. As we are virtual, you will not get a GAYT box to “feed” this year, but, between October 18 and November 22, we urge you to read our Enews articles, Wednesday Blasts, and a mailing you will receive, to learn more about the world-wide human-rights and social-justice work of our UU Service Committee.

* This link, takes you to the UUSC website, where you can learn about the specific work of the Service Committee around the world, including its Programs, Local Partners, Staff, Special Initiatives, Resources, News, and Ways to Give.
* To donate to our GAYT program, where you can identify First Unitarian Church, Wilmington as your congregation, go to this link.
* For many years, you have been able to buy Doyle’s donated honey as part of GAYT and all proceeds have gone to UUSC. He has lots of HONEY this year! Call or text Doyle at 302-540-7593, or email him at to arrange to purchase his honey-for you or as a gift to others.
Although we are virtual this year, let’s make this time significant for learning about UUSC and supporting its work through GAYT.