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It is difficult being away from each other for so long. I miss seeing the children and youth in person! I also think this is a wonderful opportunity to bring your Unitarian Universalism into your home and start some UU traditions with your family.

Participate in the worship service as a family:
The first Sunday of each month is a whole church worship service geared to all ages. All other Sundays, the first 15 – 20 minutes is whole church worship. Time for All Ages is specifically geared to Preschool – 5th graders, but is enjoyed by everyone!

Try these things to keep children, and yourself, engaged:
* Have a candle/LED candle ready to light during the chalice lighting. Allow your child to light it at the appropriate time.
* Dance and sing along when music is shared.
* Point out when the time for all ages is beginning.
* Look at the Family Resources page on the Children and Youth Religious Education (CYRE) website before the worship service begins. Look for things your child can do during the worship service. A coloring page or craft may be suggested. If you can, gather the materials ahead of time to keep your child involved in a spiritual activity during the remaining part of the service. Or, just let them play during the remainder of the service.

Start a UU tradition at home: Chalice Ritual:
* Each week a Chalice Ritual is posted on the Family Resources page on the Children and Youth Religious Education (CYRE) website. You don’t have to do everything suggested. Try to at least light the chalice, share joys and concerns, and extinguish the chalice. If other activities seem interesting and appealing to your family, try them out.
* Do the Chalice Ritual when it works for you! Maybe Sunday before dinner. Maybe Wednesday at bedtime. Make it work for your family.
* What about a chalice? All you need is a candle. It can be a candle with a wick or an LED candle. Or you can find, make, or purchase a chalice for your family. The holidays are coming! Maybe give your family a gift of a chalice. Check out these chalices to make, find, or purchase.

Want to do more? On the Family Resources page look for:
* Crafts, videos, and activities to reinforce the weekly topic.
* Soulful Home activities focused on the monthly theme.
* Holiday rituals to help bring Unitarian Universalism into your home.
* Lists of books to share that relate to our Unitarian Universalist faith.
by Catherine Wiliamson, Director of Religious Exploration


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