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ILYA Gets Kudos

You may or may not know that as the team that supports young people aging out of foster care, the ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) team meets at least quarterly to make sure our projects are organized and on schedule to be most effective. We were fortunate to have with us when we met in September a few of the Independent Living Coordinators (ILCs) we work closely with. These ILCs are hired by the state of Delaware to work with the young people aging out of foster care to see that they get the services the state provides and to offer guidance in their decision making as they gain independence.

The ILCs also offer guidance to ILYA on ways to make our projects most effective in meeting the needs of the young people. This time was no different as there are many new challenges we’re facing as we have to find ways to keep things meaningful for the young people while managing virtually and socially distanced.

Every team member on our Zoom call that evening was so gratified to hear all the comments that were made by multiple ILCs about our work. One pretty much summed them all up. She said, “All the small moments ILYA creates add up and go a long way for the youth today but also stay with them for a long time. These youth frequently say “We know ILYA… we love ILYA!”.”

Knowing that the young people so value what we’re doing strengthens our resolve to make things work during these difficult times. We also know that you all are the ones who make it possible. Without your support the ILYA team couldn’t do what we do. THANK YOU FOR THAT ONGOING SUPPORT! We are so grateful.