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Planned Parenthood of Delaware

As many of you are aware, abortion rights are under attack and with the appointment of Justice Amy C. Barrett, we will continue to be fighting for women’s rights among other issues. Planned Parenthood of Delaware is preparing for Roe v Wade to be overturned or parts of it to be discarded.
Here in Delaware, in 2017, our state legislature codified Roe V Wade and we are considered a safe haven state. With that, we will be able to help women who may travel from other states to get a safe abortion. Abortions will not stop but will get more dangerous.
But, also remember that PPDE is much more than abortion services. We are doing family planning, STI testing, sex education, managing other health issues like hypertension and smoking cessation. We are utilizing TeleHealth for many of our patients who have now lost jobs and lost health insurance.
On Sunday, November 8, our Special Offering will be for the benefit of Planned Parenthood of Delaware.  Help us keep our doors open by being a PPDE champion!  We value all of our supporters.
Thank you!
Elyse Reznick (member of First U for 35 years)
Board Chair PPDE