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A Story of Hope

Climate change, migration, and pandemic fears all challenge us to consider “The Meaning of Home,” this year’s theme for Guest At Your Table.
Home should be a refuge, a safe space, but for coastal Louisiana indigenous communities, the security of home is threatened by coastal erosion, frequent hurricanes, and pollution. With no federal recognition and no accountability from oil and gas companies, Chief Shirell Parfait-Darder and her community were on their own until the Lowlander Center, a Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) partner, reached out to help them. Together they have developed strategies to address the environmental damage that threatens their homelands.
Because of our support of the UUSC, coastal Louisiana tribes are no longer alone in their fight for home. Be a part of UUSC’s work for climate justice by making a generous contribution here.

And remember, 100% of your purchase of Doyle’s Honey will be donated to the UUSC. Email Doyle at or text or call him at 302-5400-7593.