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A Story of Hope – UUSC Guest at your Table Program

What is “The Meaning of Home” when home brings violence against women, extreme poverty, and discrimination against Indigenous peoples? These are some of the factors leading record numbers of people – the majority Indigenous – to migrate from Guatemala. “People cross the border in search of new opportunities for their families. That is why we always say that migrating is an act of love,” said Adela Ramirez, a human rights activist in Guatemala. But the painful process of leaving home is only the beginning of new challenges. The risks of the unknown and the dangers of the journey are compounded by anti-immigrant sentiment in the United States and Mexico. Migrating people are treated like criminals. Separated from their children, deported back to Guatemala, many hopeful migrants find themselves in more dire circumstances than before – but they are not alone. The Asociacion Pop No’j, a UUSC partner, advocates for the rights of migrating people and supports them with mental health services, educational support and vocational training after they have been deported from the United States. At the same time Pop No’j strives toward a more just Guatemala where people are not forced from their community that has been home to the Indigenous Maya people for more than 1,000 years.
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