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Although this Sunday is designated as the wrap-up date for our Guest-At-Your-Table (GAYT) program for this year, it does not wrap up our support for the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC). GAYT is a vehicle to help us learn about the world-wide human rights and social justice work of UUSC. And, that work never wraps up, because every day we hear about or see injustice and human rights tragedies in our land and around the world. Supporting UUSC gives us an easy way to convert injustice to justice and to advance human rights.
You have received information: e-News weekly articles highlighting Stories of Hope; e-Blasts describing UUSC’s history and 80 years of success; a regular mailing summarizing ways UUSC is at work in 20 different countries.
You have received ideas on ways to give or donate to UUSC:
Write a check and send it directly to UUSC, using the GAYT envelope you received in the mail.
Go online and give, using a credit card by clicking here.
Purchase Doyle’s donated honey for yourself and to give to others, as 100% of the proceeds go to UUSC. Do you think that you could make Doyle run out of donated honey? I seriously doubt it. Call or text him at 302-540-7593.
The bottom line is: Give as often and as generously as you can to show that you are standing with UUSC and its local partners on the side of social justice and human rights. Wrap up GAYT by making a generous donation. Thank you.