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Remote Live Stream and other Church Email Issues

Our Remote livestream worship is evolving as we work to make it easier to use and more accessible on other platforms. Check Enews each week for new information.

In the meantime, we have noted that sometimes people do not receive the link we send out on Saturdays, even though most folks are able to access worship each week with no issues. Sometimes the email goes into the recipient’s spam folder, or sometimes the email is even rejected by the recipient’s email service. If you don’t get the link, just email on Sunday morning and let us know what happened. The Sunday team will provide the link so you can join worship, and the office will look into email delivery issues on Monday.

A few common issues we have seen:
Some people have accidentally unsubscribed themselves from church emails. The unsubscribe link is at the bottom of all our emails; be careful when viewing an email that you don’t click on that link in error.
Many people use spam filters. If you fail to receive our emails, check your spam folder.
When signing up for remote live stream worship, here, double check the spelling on your email address. Misspelled email addresses are automatically rejected.
Occasionally, email services, like or, may have technical issues which result in an error. If that happens, you may need to contact your company to fix the issue if the church office is unable to do so.
Check your mailbox often. Another common delivery failure occurs when your mailbox is full.
These issues may occur with our Friday enews as well. Be sure to email Marina in the church office at if you are having issues with receiving any of our email communication tools.