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Snow Season is Coming!

As Winter approaches, please use caution when parking or using sidewalks on our church property. Although the church building is closed for most activities, we still have daily visitors:
volunteer support for building projects
recording sessions for virtual worship
vendors who visit and service our facilities
If you need to stop by the building or office, please be cautious when weather conditions are difficult.

We have a contractor who plows and salts, and our custodians add ice melt as needed, but there still may be ice patches or slippery spots. We keep buckets of ice melt at all entrances; feel free to toss some on any icy surface you see.

A special note of caution:
If you park in the lots across the sanctuary entrance on Whitby Drive, you do so at your own risk. The lot belongs to Brandywine School District and they do not maintain the lot. If there is snow, you should park on the street or in our parking lot at the rear of the church. Thank you for understanding.