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Ministry Update

In order to have some time to coordinate her family’s caregiving needs and to engage in study related to ministry, Rev. Pam will be on leave from January 1, 2021 through February 14, 2021. On behalf of the congregation, the Board has contracted with Rev. Tracey Robinson-Harris to fill in during the six-week period of Rev. Pam’s leave. Rev. Tracey will lead worship and provide pastoral care, staff/volunteer supervision, and Executive Team coverage, in addition to other responsibilities and will report to the Board of Trustees. Rev. Tracey will remain in Massachusetts during the duration of this temporary contract ministry with First Unitarian, but will lead worship, attend meetings, and otherwise fulfil the role of minister online and by phone (as Rev. Pam has largely been doing since the start of the pandemic). Rev. Richard Speck has agreed to serve as a liaison to Rev. Tracey during this time should Tracey need the services of a local minister. During the period between January 1 and February 14 any matters related to First Unitarian Church may be directed to Rev. Tracey or the other members of the staff or volunteer team. Please do not contact Rev. Pam during that time so that she can have the time and focus she needs to return refreshed.
You will have an opportunity to meet Rev. Tracey Robinson-Harris during the online Zoom chat on Sunday, January 3 following the worship service. See enews for information about that upcoming chat which is hosted by the Board of Trustees. In the meantime, you are welcome to visit her website.