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White Ally Small Groups

Do you want to be a good ally to people of color? Do you want to learn how to have tough conversations with other white individuals who may think racism does not still exist? Join one of our White Ally Small Groups where you can learn these skills and more. These groups will meet monthly for a period of 10 months for 1.5 hours with an established curriculum. You will learn about yourself, how to use the race method to engage with racism denial, key concepts of interpersonal racial issues, and build relationships with fellow allies to build a community of advocates wanting to do the work for real change. There will also be a shared responsibility among the group to lead the various sessions. Please join the YWCA and our own Human Rights Task Force for these small group discussions.
These groups meet once a month per session, February through November 2021. Spots are filling up fast.  There are openings on February 13, 19, 23 and 26.
Learn more and register, here.