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Our Church’s finances are strong and well-managed. However, when our church treasurer, Steve Cohen, announced he wanted to step down after an impressive 12 + years of service, the Board recognized that the timing was right to reconsider how the finances are managed. While the Treasurer remains the Church officer primarily responsible for financial matters, the Board created a new Finance Committee to provide greater oversight for the Church’s finances and support for the Board and the Treasurer in carrying out their roles. The Board remains ultimately responsible for the financial affairs of the Church.
The current members of the Finance Committee are: Seth Hammonds (Treasurer and Chair), Tracy Spinka-Doms (Board), Cinda Crane (Board), Bill Hardham, Marty Peres, Ed Ostrom, and Maureen Sandberg.
The new Finance Committee will be a topic of discussion at our Zoom Coffee Chat on February 7, 2021. Please feel free to join us and ask any questions you may have!