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Environmental Justice Task Force: Plants and Gardens!

Would you like to learn more about Native Plants? Join the Native Plant Team of the EJTF to plant more native trees, shrubs and wildflowers at First U in 2021.

What is a native plant? A plant that has grown easily in our Delaware climate and conditions for hundreds of years. Native plants thrive with little watering, and without man made fertilizer. They support 10-50 times as many native species of wildlife as plants introduced from other continents. The Native Plant Team has several goals.

Expand native plantings in two areas:
Plant areas of native plants in the open space bordering Concord Pike (on old Library property) focusing on the interior property line next to 3302 Concord Pike and their parking lot fence.
Plant native plants along the southern border of the parking lot on Halstead Road to provide screening for neighbors adjacent to our church parking lot.
Reduce grass mowing.
Increase ecological value and carbon sequestration.
Improve screening on property edges.
Become certified as a Wildlife Habitat and Sacred Ground Church by The National Wildlife Federation.

Contact Nancy Flanagan at to join our Native Plant Team which to date includes: Renee Anderson, Dee Burdash, Dave Harrell, Debbie Haskell, Jim Weddell, Betty Wier, and the Feldeim Pust Family.