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Minister Update

When Leslie and I met with Reverend Pam last week to begin planning her return, she informed us that she needed to extend her family leave through June 30, which is the end of the church year. Reverend Pam has made a video to share with you. You can access it here.
On Monday, we met and discussed Reverend Pam’s leave with the full Board of Trustees. All of us support Reverend Pam in making this difficult decision, and we have begun to consider carefully what this means for our church community.
We are fortunate that Reverend Tracey is able to continue her ministry with us, and she will serve as our temporary minister during the remainder of Reverend Pam’s leave. We know that many of you will have questions and we hope you will contact any of us on the board but we’d like to try to ease/answer some of those concerns by letting you know that thanks to careful stewardship over the years, the tireless work of our staff and lay leadership, we have the congregational structures and a good financial position to handle any issues that arise in the next few months.
We know that many of us are tired after a year of the pandemic, and now that we know that Reverend Pam will be on leave for a longer period, please think about how you can help. Let’s commit to working together as a church community over the next four months. We are confident that we can meet the challenge.

Travis Laster
Co-president of the Board of Trustees