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Church Grounds Maintenance, Thank you!

Thank you to Lois Morris, Jackie Feldman (twice), Phil Krape, Dee Burdash (twice), Bev Bach, Nancy Flanagan, Cathy Cambridge, Helena Miller, Renee Anderson, and Ed Keeling for participating in our Spring Grounds Maintenance work days March 17 & 20.

We cleared a lot of weeds out of the Memorial Garden and elsewhere; pruned back a number of bushes in the Memorial Garden, behind the kitchen, and at the EEC entrance; raked and gathered up sweetgum balls and leaves from lawns and flower beds; and picked up lots of sticks. We left a substantial pile of yard waste behind the dumpsters that our lawn service will haul away. This volunteer work helps us conserve funds that can be directed to other important church programs. It also provides an opportunity for catching up with friends and making new friends despite masks and distancing.

There is more grounds work that needs to be done. Pick an area you’d like to work on at your convenience, or contact Jim Weddell at for details of what areas particularly need work.