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During this past school year, thirteen volunteers have been participating in the ILYA Student Care Package project led by Deb Griffin and assisted by Pauline Koch. Throughout the school year, these volunteers have sent “care” packages with items such as snacks and other goodies, school supplies, dorm decorations, household supplies, gift cards and more! They have also sent special birthday wishes to thirteen students who have aged out of foster care and are enrolled this year in a post- secondary educational program.

Deciding to further their education beyond high school is a significant step for these young adults. Even obtaining their high school diploma is often a further educational achievement than their own family members have made. Lacking role models and a strong family support system can easily lead to the youth becoming discouraged, even more so after seeing the support their classmates receive from their families.

The students tell us, or their social workers do, that receiving a package of goodies tells them that someone appreciates their hard work and dedication to furthering their skills and education. These packages really boost their spirits, especially if they are feeling down and are ready to quit.

A HUGE KUDOS to our amazing Student Care Package volunteers for your commitment and thank you for your service to our beloved community:

Karen Berrie, Jessica Farris, Hans Francke, Deborah Griffin, Nancy Iannuzelli, Beth Kopicki, Julia Neikirk, Crystal Oswald, Marchia Rattigan, Kathie Stamm, Ann Tolman, Debbi Zarek, and Barbara Crowell.