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THANK YOU Planters!

Thank you to Steve Marek, Barbara Crowell, Jim Weddell, and Dee Burdash for their help in planting trees and bushes on Monday, May 24, around our Outdoor Sanctuary, located between the church building and Route 202. The goal is to plant native plants that will provide benefits to our congregation, the wildlife in our area, and to the environment. The work is another step in the process of creating an even more vibrant outdoor “room” for First U gatherings by adding plants to increase the green screen and reduce 202 road noise. These plants will also provide food and shelter to a variety of birds, insects, and other animals.

Also, thank you to the 24 people who are growing Purple Coneflower seedlings at home. The picture shows how slowly native purple coneflower seeds grow at first. Once mature, they will provide food for butterflies and birds, and beauty to our neighborhood.

There will be additional opportunities to help plant native in the fall, including September 12, Ingathering Sunday, which will be a First U Native Planting Day. After service, adults and children will have opportunities to plant and make signs. Contact Nancy Flanagan for more information.