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May 30th Service on both Zoom and YouTube this week! (A Prototype Experience)

The May 30th service will be a trial of a live service using Zoom, as well as being streamed to YouTube. The usual remote service email will be sent the day before. It will contain the two options: the link to open a Zoom meeting and a link to the service on the First Unitarian YouTube channel. You choose your preferred method. However, to avoid multiple “chat” conversations, all “chat” will happen only in Zoom. The YouTube chat will be disabled this week.

Why are we doing this? The AV Team is entering a new (and very happy) phase of planning for multiplatform services beginning in the fall. We need to try out various methods, in an effort to find the best options and experience for the congregation. The goal is to provide a live service for people in the Sanctuary and simultaneously stream that service for those people who want to attend remotely.

Note, this change is only for the May 30 service. On the following Sunday, June 6th, the service will return to being just on YouTube and the Chat will be there as well.

Thank you for your support of the AV Team! It has been a learning experience and a joy to bring our worship service to our congregation and friends during the pandemic. Stay tuned as we continue to evolve our capabilities.