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Room Reservations Fall 2021

We have missed seeing our church members and renters and we look forward to using our building again.

On September 12, we plan to hold Ingathering Sunday on site. In addition, starting September 7, 2021, we hope to resume regular room use and rentals. Building use may be restricted by state or local pandemic guidelines, however. Those guidelines can change quickly, and we will need to adjust our plans if necessary.

We are now accepting TENTATIVE reservations, starting after September 7. If your group or committee is interested in using our space again, please fill out the form on our web page at this link.

We will use this information to start planning for fall and we will also tentatively book the space for you, if possible.

But what about the pandemic?
Current church pandemic guidelines are listed below. They may change by September, but for now, please assume that these guidelines will hold true for all groups and renters until further notice:
We require that you pre-register people in order to follow our capacity limits, and we will need that pre-registration to include contact information for attendees in case contract tracing is needed. Once we assign a room, we will let you know the capacity. I have a sample template which you can adapt to your needs at this link.
If your group has a standard list of attendees, you do not need to do this for each meeting. However, we do ask that you have a list of names and contact information in case someone is diagnosed with COVID.
Temperature checks are required, as are in-person paper health surveys, at the time of the event. The paper health survey asks the same questions as the online registration template.
We can provide no-touch thermometers for church based groups.
We ask all groups or events to have someone assigned to hand out the surveys and check temperatures.
Hand sanitizer is readily available, as are wipes for wiping tables and chairs after a meeting
Masks are required for everyone unless you know all attendees are fully vaccinated.
If you meet on a weekday, you will be asked to wear a mask in public areas since the children in our daycare center renter are not yet vaccinated
No shared food or drink allowed

All tentative reservations will be confirmed a month prior, with the understanding that a sudden surge in infection rates could cause us to close the building again. At the time of confirmation, we will also provide updates to our guidelines, if applicable. We hope to see you again, soon.