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We encourage 7th – 12th graders to participate in the life of the church.
One way of doing this is by participating in programs such as Coming of Age and Youth Group. This year, Coming of Age and Youth Group will be offered following the worship service. Each group will meet at least twice a month.
Attending worship is another important way of doing this! Through worship, our middle and high schoolers learn how we worship, experience our rituals, and learn our hymns. It is an opportunity to explore faith and to engage in practices that nurture and enliven their spirits.
We also encourage middle and high schoolers to get involved with groups, teams, and committees! They can volunteer in the Nursery or with PreK 4 – 6th graders on Sunday mornings. Being a Greeter or Usher is another way to participate in our community. They can also take photos during CYRE or church events or help with grounds maintenance on gardening days! Middle and high schoolers are also invited to join the Human Rights Task Force, Independent Living for Young Adults, or Environmental Justice Team or other teams and committees.
Let us know how you will participate!
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