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Special Offering – Peace Week Delaware

In our 6th year, Peace Week Delaware is bringing together the voices that speak to the essence of what peace means. In 2021 these voices will speak to: protecting voting rights, suicide detection and prevention, climate crises, alternatives to violence, experiences of marginalized groups, building community between diverse groups, strategies to increase inner peace, visions of peace through art, and so many more. At our website you will see all of the events scheduled during Peace Week Delaware, October 2-10, 2021. They reflect the breadth of work that is being done every day to support a peaceful community. By bringing these voices together once a year for a free non-partisan series of publicized events Peace Week Delaware expands the audience and elevates the message that “Peace is possible”!

Peace Week Delaware is managed by a small group of volunteers and is supported entirely by donations. Your contributions to the Special Offering on September 12th will allow Peace Week Delaware to enhance its outreach strategies and reach as many people as possible. As experience has taught us in these challenging times, technology is our greatest outreach tool. Peace Week Delaware needs to modernize and improve website features to allow use on mobile devices and integration with social media, and to automate management of our mailing database. In addition to the cost of upgraded technology are the expenses of printed materials and other non-tech publicity. An anonymous donor is offering an incentive. If the total of your contributions reaches $500, the donor will match with another $500! Your gifts can help Peace Week Delaware give the voices of peace a megaphone.