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The New School Year is Here! Support ILYA College Students with Care Packages

Thank you to those who attended the recent Zoom Information Sessions to learn more about how ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) Student Care Package project supports young adults while they are pursuing their college/secondary education career. Even if you did not attend the info sessions, you can still get involved in this very important project as the school year kicks off.

Remember what it was like to receive that special care package from home when you were away at college? A box of goodies filled with some of your favorite comfort things or supplies for your dorm or apartment – just the boost you needed to help you make it through the next exam or the end of the semester.

That’s where ILYA volunteers can make a difference. Please consider sponsoring a student who has aged out of foster care in Delaware. These young adults have overcome years of adversity and are now living independently without the support of a foster family. We have already received requests from the Independent Living Coordinators (who are paired with youth participants in the program) for volunteers to support students with care packages who are attending the University of Delaware, Del Tech and even McCalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota this year.

Student Care Packages can be filled with a variety of items such as baked goods, favorite snacks, gift cards, bus passes, dorm or apartment decor, hygiene items, or school supplies, depending on the students’ needs or likes. A few boxes during the semester, around the holidays and on a student’s birthday can be the motivation that keeps ILYA youth going through their school year and lets them know they are cared for and valued.

Ready to take on a fun project that will make a big impact on a student’s life? Ask a friend to join you (it’s easier, less expensive and more fun with a friend!) and contact ILYA Student Care Package Project Leader, Pauline Koch, by September 30th to learn more or get started: or 302-423-1164. Thank you!