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Learn About and Support
This week we begin our annual Guest At Your Table (GAYT) program, which is intended to inform us of the world-wide work of UUSC, and to engage us in supporting its work. It is our UU organization which addresses human rights and social justice needs on our behalf throughout the world. This year’s theme is NOW IS THE TIME FOR COURAGEOUS CHANGE! which we’ll learn more about in the coming weeks.

In the past, we distributed these cute little boxes to put on our kitchen tables to “feed” as part of our Guest At Your Table experience every year. But, because of the pandemic, we have had to forgo the use of the boxes. However, you can see some displayed in the sanctuary.

Even without the boxes the objectives of the program are the same.

The first is to learn about UUSC and what it does. We invite you to read the GAYT and UUSC articles in the Church e-News each week as well as several e-Blasts and other communications you’ll receive. In addition, you can go to the UUSC website and explore, according to your areas of interest.
The second objective is discovering all the ways that we can support UUSC’s work in place of “feeding” a GAYT box. This link provides an overview of donation options, plus membership information.

If you want more information or have questions, call or text Beverley Baxter, 302-530-2332, or Doyle Dobbins, 302-540-7593. They are very willing to talk about UUSC and answer any questions you might have. And, Doyle has honey to sell with all proceeds going to UUSC.