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Pastoral Care Announcement – Fay Hoh Yin

We only learned just recently of the passing of Fay Yin on July 20, 2020, who had been a member of this congregation. She had moved to Brooklyn and so we had lost touch with her.
For those of you who knew her, you might find this online “life story” linked below as a way to reconnect with her. For those of you who did not know her, you may find her story inspiriting.

Later in life, she took on “third chapter” of her life as a writer and advocate for planning for end-of-life. In her self-published memoir, Riding with the Wind: Three Generations of My Family in China, she shares this quote: “It only became obvious to me after I finished writing that each generation passed on their love to the next in the best way they knew how. This love fortified their children in their own times of hardship and became the strength behind their survival.”
You may read more about her life, here.