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It is time to wrap GAYT up for 2021, but it is only a soft wrap. Why? Because the year around need for work to be done on human rights, civil rights, and social justice never goes away. We can wish that such work is not needed, but we know better. We know that injustice, climate crises, economic crises, humanitarian crises never go away—they don’t even take a nap.
UUSC, the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, needs our consistent support. Whether you give monthly, quarterly, or annually, we urge you to consistently and generously support all UUSC staff and all UUSC partners around the world. This week’s E-Blast told us the options we have for giving. Please re-read it, if needed. However, two more unique ways can be added to the E-Blast options:
Did you know that UUSC in 2001 started the “UUSC Fair Trade Project,” what we know as “The Coffee Project,” and UUSC and the Fair Trade Equal Exchange Coop continue to work together to support small farmers in many countries through UUSC’s Small Farmer Fund. $.20 of every dollar of each purchase you make (coffee, tea, chocolate, olive oil and other products) through our Coffee Project, managed by Steve Marek, goes back to the Small Farmer Fund, which UUSC uses to support indigenous farmers in many countries. Order products from Steve ( and support economic justice in this unique way. You can learn more at UUSC Fair Trade Project .
Doyle’s honey – As long as Doyle has honey available, he intends to sell it for $10 a pound, with proceeds going to UUSC to support its world-wide work. It’s kind of unique, and a “sweet” thing to do. Call or text Doyle at 302-540-7593 to order honey.

Therefore, the GAYT wrap up is only temporary and means that you will receive fewer articles about UUSC. But, the need is always present—for example, genocide continues in Burma/Myanmar, earthquakes continue in Haiti, refugees continue to flee for their lives from all the natural and people-made disasters, and greed/racism/hatred have no end in sight.

The bottom line message is: Support UUSC in whatever way works best for you. Nike’s message “Just Do It” seems very relevant to our efforts. We are wrapping up GAYT for 2021, but we need to keep chugging, keep supporting all of UUSC’s work. Let’s “Just Do It.” You can give online at this link,